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Welcome to the Practice Centre
The feedback most frequently recounted from dart players concerning practice is that it is boring! A study of professional dart players' practice regimes suggest that they are on the whole, haphazard. There are hundreds of `practice` games available but do they retain the interest of a dart player and even if they do are they effective in improving a player's dart skills?

What is Effective Practice?

 Effective practice is ensuring that your practice time is spent working in areas that will improve your performance. To ensure that players are focusing their efforts in the correct area and to make a player aware of any persistent sub-standard performance.

  • Focus practice into weaker areas
  • Highlights the mental skills that are required for each area
  • Highlights the importance of each phase of the game
  • Setting goals for each area may help during competition and as motivation for practice

Why Practice?

There have been numerous studies in sport as well as other areas of life, such as music, where it has been demonstrated that the main factor that distinguishes between the elite performer and the rest is the amount of practice undertaken. A well planned practice session can focus on areas that a player needs to improve on, it can motivate the players taking part and be tailored to suit different types of practice (solo, with a partner) as well as being time specific in order to be built around a dart players other commitments (like having to go to work or school for example). Improvement can also be measured giving a player valuable feedback on their performance as well as assisting in goal setting, even when practising alone.

  • Set Targets
  • Practise mental skills
  • Builds Confidence
  • Trial new ideas and strategies
  • Focus on weak areas
  • Prepare for next opponents/tournaments

How Can The Darts Performance Centre Help?

We will explain:

  • Our breakdown of a darts match and how this can help you focus on the areas you need to practice
  • How to make the most of practising solo or with a partner
  • How to make your practice as realistic as possible
  • Fully interactive and unique Darts Performance Centre practice games and access to the statistics centre to keep track of your progress
  • Dynamic Practice – Why always start at 501 or 301? We will show you how
  • Do you think you play differently against a slow or fast player? – Find out with our practice game

It is FREE to register with the Darts Performance Centre. After you have registered you can find out how to access all this information and download our FREE Darts Performance Centre poster. Just click here to register.

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