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Customer Testimonials - “The Darts Performance Centre is the newest and best way I have found on focusing on the areas of my game that needed improving” ----- “The layout and all the background information that is provided is all key to helping you get the best out of your game” ----- “I would thoroughly recommend the Darts Performance Centre as a great value for money tool if you take your darts seriously” ----- “What have I got from the Darts Performance Centre? One on one response with an expert of performance analysis help with the mental part of my game and analysis provided for all three parts of my game, I recommend it!” ----- “A year`s worth of help for the cost of a new set of darts!” ----- “The session plans and practice games really drive me to push for my best performance and they are fun!” ----- “The Darts performance Centre has made me want to practice and it has motivated me, as I am always trying to better my last session” ----- “Something has happened to my darts, I have been playing a while but I have never hit two treble 20`s during one throw, until I tried the string idea, I can`t believe it, cheers----- “My team mates seemed surprised how my finishing went tonight, even the marker commented on how deadly I was, maybe practice does work, LOL” ----- “You have really made me think about darts, I used to play a lot of Rugby and took my training seriously, I don`t know why I haven`t with my darts, until now, thanks, I am really enjoying the site” ----- Guys, seriously sign up now, before your next opponent does



Do You Really Want To Play Better Darts?

We are offering a thorough and well researched programme of improvement for players to follow that will improve the standard of your play. 

If you are prepared to offer the two most valuable ingredients necessary to take your darts to the next level, patience and commitment to our ideas and you are happy to invest 50p per week we assure you that by enrolling with the Darts Performance Centre you will become a better dart player. Guaranteed!

Membership is £25.00 per annum. This includes access to all areas on the site, members' forum,a discount at our online shop, our exclusive App and an invite to our exclusive members' only events! Sign up here!

Recent updates to the members area- A 8 week darts training programme that will help you play better darts!

Not ready to commit just yet? No problem-Check out our blog area for an idea of the advice you are going to get! Please register, with no obligation and receive a darts philoshophy poster and our coaching newsletter, FREE! Register here!



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Darts has a long history and there have been plenty of great players down the years, but we feel these are ten of the very best.

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