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Goal Setting

Welcome to the Goal Setting Centre

Goal setting is an essential ingredient in improving your darts play and is one of the most important weapons a sports psychologist or analyst has to help get the best out of players!

What is Goal Setting?
Goal setting in an effective way of motivating a dart player to strive to improve their performance

  • Goal setting allows a player to define what they would like to achieve in darts
  • Players can work out a strategy and plan to achieve their goals
  • Players can identify exactly what areas need improving and focus their time and effort on them

Quote: You will flounder in the world of darts without setting goals; it is like shooting without aiming. You may enjoy the blast and kick of the gun, but you won`t hit the target 

Why Should I Set Goals?

Goal setting research has demonstrated that competitors in sport are more likely to strive to improve if they have specific values and goals to set out and achieve.

  • Goals can help concentration,
  • Goals can increase effort and persistence in training
  • Goals can improve confidence.

How Can The Darts Performance Centre Help?

  • How to set goals that you will stick to
  • Why goal setting does really work
  • Use our interactive tool that will identify what areas you should be focusing on
  • How to set goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Access to our statistics centre where you can monitor your progress

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