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Welcome to the Statistics Centre

Dart players cannot get enough of statistics, they are a fundamental part of the game and players like to discuss and compare their `average`. The crucial point is to decipher which, from this great mass of numbers, are the most meaningful. What figures can be used to give feedback to a player that will help them improve?

What is the role of the statistics centre?

Statistics can help explain why and how a player won or lost a match. They can be used to identify which aspects of the game are most commonly strong in successful players and highlight the difference between winning and losing players. This information can then be used to give vital feedback to players to help guide them towards which areas of their game they need to strengthen, decide which areas to practice and point towards which mental skills may need developing. Without this feedback it is impossible to get any better!

Statistics can

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your play
  • Help with tactics
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your opponent`s play
  • Compare your performance against other players
  • Develop your practice sessions

How can The Darts Performance Centre Help?

  • Which statistics are worth recording and which are not
  • Why the 3 dart average has baffled players and pundits for years
  • How to update your targets and keep track of your progress
  • How to update your practice scores and keep track of your progress
  • How to update your match and tournament play and keep track of your progress

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